Germinate is a fully operational 5kW audio/visual production system powered by a solar energy generator.

Built by music and sustainability industry innovators Creative Environment Enterprises Pty Ltd (CEE) in collaboration with RMIT University, Germinate has provided mobile renewable energy to power sound and lighting for over 50 music events across Australia, with total audience attendance of over 400,000 people and counting.

But Germinate is about more than powering events with clean, efficient high quality audio. Germinate is a cutting edge engagement tool that makes renewable energy accessible to students and the general public in ways never before possible.

By allowing people to relate to renewable energy in fun and engaging ways at festivals and events, Germinate helps proliferate a better understanding of the fundamentals of solar energy production and storage as well as the demand side aspects of energy management. It also allows people to understand the adaptability of renewables and the possibilities that its use can create. Ultimately, we hope more people understand as we have, that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring and serious – we can party sustainably too!